Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Candle Stand

I have seen different variations of these stands on Pinterest. From candle stands to cupcake stands. Your imagination is the limit.

I wanted to make a candle stand to incorporation in my craft room redo. While browsing the second hand store, I found some little saucers that I thought would work great for this project. I used glass candle stick holders that I picked up at the dollar store.

These would look great at the Holidays done in larger plates to display appetizers or deserts. Or birthday parties to hold cupcakes.

Here is how I made mine.


candle stick holders
E6000 adhesive
cotton puff 
paint brush

Clean the plates and candle holders with alcohol. 

 Paint the inside sections of the candle holder. I used Folk Art Enamels. 

Set aside. Now, paint what ever designs you want on the plates. I did polka dots, because that will fit in with my craft room decor. Skip this step if you have found plates with a design already on them that you like.

I used the end of a dowel rod to create my  dots. Just dip it in the paint and tap it on the surface. I painted both top and bottoms of the plates.

Once everything is painted, let it dry over night. Be sure to follow the directions on the paint bottle. You may need to bake them as well.'s the next day.  LOL

Apply adhesive around small end of candle holder, then press to center of plate. Then apply adhesive to the larger end of candle holder and place bottom of plate on top of it. Repeat for rest of plates. Let sit over night for dry time.

By placing the candle holders upside down, it frees up more surface space for your items.

I just love how it turned out!  If you make one, please link up in the comment section of this post. I would love to see what you created!


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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this and I think I can even do this!